Invisible Man using Magic blanket

During childhood, Everyone may have dreamed of becoming a hollow man So that no one can see you and do anything you think without public attention. I will show you how to use a Computer Vision library called OpenCV for Python to make you an invisible hollow man.

Before we start with the project, we need to understand how it works. Essentially, we are masking the foreground and background to look like the foreground is invisible.

The project was implemented and tested on Python 3.8 (both windows and linux)

Requirements :

  • python3,6+
  • opencv-python
  • numpy
  • pandas

Steps to make the Cloak invisible hollow man for Python:

  • Capture the background frame and store it in an image.
  • Detect the cloth using the detection and segmentation algorithm.
  • Generate a mask and segment out the color of the dress(should be of a single color)
  • Masked color becomes invisible as an Output by replacing the portion with the background using OpenCV for Python.

Note : You can change the color values on your own choice. Please refer color picker folder for identifying values of each color.

To see the full demo :

Github link:

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